Ključne činjenice

CT 127 Fina glet masa


  • Ekstra bela
  • Ekstra glatka
  • Visok kvalitet dorade
  • Dugo vreme primene

Oblast primene

Ceresit CT 127 masa za izravnavanje se koristi za pokrivanje tradicionalno malterisanih i betonskih površina, na maksimalno 2 mm/sloj. Dorada se tradicionalno obavlja sa abrazivnim brusnim papirom. Površina tretirana sa CT 127 će postati glatka i bela, tako da može poslužiti kao završna obrada (može biti ostavljena neobojena). Sloj CT 127 može biti bojen nakon sušenja sa disperzijskim bojama. Ova masa za izravnavanje može da se koristi unutar zgrade, na suvim mestima bez stalne vlage.

Korak po korak

The superficial unresisting layers will be removed. The paintings based on distempers or lime will be obligatory and totally removed, will be scraped off, after a pervious wetting, and then washed with water.

Mix with water using a rotator blade to obtain a uniform compound, without agglomeration. After 10 minutes, it will be mixed again. Keep in mind that the mixing speed has to be moderate to avoid the formation of air bubbles in spatula mass.

Once prepared, the CT 127 polishing plaster coat will be applied equally on the support with the iron for polishing plaster coat. The layers applied and dried on the wall can be easily finished through wetting and leveling with the iron for polishing plaster coat, obtaining a very smooth surface, almost glossy. The dust laid on the surface will be swept off with a small soft bloom. The possible irregularities will be puttied and then grinded.